The Trainer, The Motivator, The Gladiator

I have worked as a team leader, senior fitness manager, figure analyst, systems implementation manager, excel working under pressure, and have always been easily adaptable to any surrounding business environment. High motivation is required and very important to progress in the fitness field. Currently, I am working on my professional career path in the fitness industry, training clients, and competing around the globe.
My working experience has provided me with a good background in the fitness field, specifically in management, evaluation, leading and communication. I am seeking more opportunities where I can deeply widen and expand this experience.
I am a dedicated person whose aim is to exceed all fitness levels, to push the limits, and to help you accomplish these goals as well. From a personal standpoint,I am an adaptable person who can work with people with different backgrounds and nationalities. I have excellent communication skills and to help others accomplish their fitness goals. I would be honored to help you attain your fitness dreams, and provided motivation, training, and coaching along the way.

Sincere Regards,

Rabih Laz

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